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Things You Should Definitely Do in Columbus Ohio 

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So, if you’re reading this article then you must be looking for things to do in Columbus Ohio and this article is going to tell you a lot about the best things you can do in Columbus Ohio so you better get on out there and make sure that, that one weekend getaway is going to happen. So, here are some of the thing to do in Columbus Ohio. 

Columbus Ohio

1.Visit Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

So, the Franklin Park Conservatory And botanical gardens are a botanical landmark and you can simply find it 2 miles east of downtown Columbus. Visitors are usually invited to join in on the conservatory’s Education and social events and if not, they just simply get invited to appreciate the exceptionally large plant collections, or maybe just the usual seasonal art and some nature-based exhibits that the management itself hosts

2.Visit the Ohio Theater   

The Ohio Theater was built on 1928 and was originally a movie theater but now the theater hosts over a hundred performances annually. Also if you’re looking for romantic date ideas the Ohio theater is a great idea for blooming lovebirds because the theater hosts a variety of performances from lively concerts to classical music, and the theater boasts a number of 2,791 seats and the theater  has excellent acoustics ,state of the art facilities and a massively breathtaking  21-foot long chandelier  

3.Visit the park of roses  

The park of roses is a 13-acre public park consisting of paved pathways benches and 12,000 roses yes that much and in addition to the three gardens of roses that they already have they also have an herb garden and perennial gardens scattered all around the 12,000 roses  

4. Visit theEaston Town Center

The Easton town center has been bringing families together since 1999 through distinctive dining, recreational activities ,and entertainment boasting  a 1.7 million square foot land and over 180 retailers  from Louis Vuitton to Barnes & Noble offering sales all year round you will surely enjoy your time in the Easton town center you will literally never run out of things to do there because of how diverse the place is  

5.Visiting the Ohio Stadium  

One can’t simply talk about Ohio without mentioning the Ohio Stadium costing at around 1.3 million dollars and since being put up to date with safety measures in 2001 this stadium that was built in 1922 its now worth a large amount of 194 million dollars making the Ohio Stadium one of the most recognizable landmarks of all sports history  

And that is all this article has to offer you but It doesn’t really matter where you go in Columbus Ohio because this place is so rich and diverse in cultures that if you ask around for a bit you can find something that not only the locals find leisure in but also the people with a more adventurous soul found out about too simply by asking the person next to them a question  

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